Fritz Bronner


 Fritz Bronner has been a working actor since leaving college with numerous Television, Commercial, Film and Theater credits. He has created, developed and produced award winning computer games working with Disney, Hanna Barbera, and Fox. His designs have won various awards.
Fritz also produced Greys and Glory bringing the legendary 1815 Royal Scots Grey cavalry regiment  back to the battle field for the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in 2015.
Fritz is an historian. He has written 2 books on the race to space between the Americans and the Russians, a board game LIFTOFF, LIFTOFF II and Buzz Aldrin's Race to Space computer game.
His passion for history and his love of horses and riding came together creating The War Horse Foundation, a 501c3 foundation. The War Horse brings history to life for the public by visiting schools, parades and performing presentations, educating the role of horses in military history.

Margie Beeson


 Margie Beeson has a varied career starting with Eastern Airlines as a Flight Attendant, then on to acting in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA. She then worked behind the camera as an Editor and Media Manager being awarded Emmys in the Television industry. She has worked with Fox, Disney, PBS and recently with NBC Universal/Comcast.
She is also an avid equestrian having ridden most of her life.  Margie extended her love of riding into a new area for her Sidesaddle. She and her new sidesaddle friends helped to establish CA Aside a division of  the American Sidesaddle Association.

Margie and Fritz joined forces with their love of history creating The War Horse Foundation where education, horses and history come together.

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Greys and Glory

Scots Greys return to Waterloo after 200 years. Brought to you by The War Horse Foundation and Margie and Fritz.