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Eagles Gate Farm Weddings & Events

  Our Farm venue can be your total Wedding or Event experience.

A package with as little as a wedding site or the entire weekend celebration. 

Packages can include Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding, Reception and Bed n Breakfast in our home at Eagles Gate Farm or any portion of the above.   

Call for more information on Packages.

We want to give you the most extravagant time for your wedding day or weekend.


Send us an email, better yet come for a visit!

Do I need to make an appointment to tour the venue?

    We would be delighted to give you a private tour of Eagles Gate Farm and the grounds.  Please contact Margie Beeson or Fritz Bronner to schedule an appointment for your tour.  

By Phone: (818) 694-9266 Margie    (818) 694-9277  Fritz

By Email:  




How do I reserve a date? What is the payment schedule?

 A 50% retainer is required to reserve your date along with a separate $500.00 damage deposit check postdated to the Event Date. Final payment is due 60 days prior to the event date.  The Eagles Gate Farm Wedding Venue Policy is that no date can be held unless a deposit and contract has been made for that particular date. EGF does not accept a verbal commitment as form to secure a date. It is first come first serve to whomever provides deposit first.  This policy is not to pressure you into booking, it is to let you know that dates may not be available.

How many people can be accommodate? Handicap access?

  Intimate events of 25 people to a grand soiree of 150 guests, the grandeur of Eagles Gate Farm and its grounds are available for your event.  

  Presently there are areas of Eagles Gate Farm that are unavailable for handicap access.

What is your alcohol policy?

 Celebrations that include alcoholic beverages (only permitted if served by a licensed bartender/caterer) are allowed on the property.  Bartenders must be from the Preferred Vendors List; all Bartenders must have the required License and Insurance that is needed.  Four-hour maximum allowed to serve alcohol with Last call for beverage service at 11pm. Bartenders reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

What time does everyone have to leave Eagles Gate Farm?

 Usage of the property for your Event concludes at Midnight.  We recommend ending your event by 10:30 to allow ample time for vendors to break down.  

After reception activities are negotiable for those guest staying at Eagles Gate Farm.

Do you have an in-house caterer or a list of "preferred" caterers? Can I choose my own caterer inst

   Eagles Gate Farm maintains a list of Preferred Professionals that are highly recommended.  They are established professionals with excellent credentials, services and reputation.  Each provide service in a broad range of budgets to accommodate your every need.  If you prefer, you may hire your own caterer and/or cake artist for your event.  All food service providers must submit a current copy of their DHEC certificate and a signed copy of the Catering Agreement for approval no less than 60 days prior to event for verification.

Can I hire my own vendors or do I have to select from a vendor list?

     (florist, musician, coordinator, photographer, videographer, DJ, etc.)  

   Bartenders for your event must be chosen from the Preferred Vendors List.   For all other Vendors, you may certainly choose professionals that suit your needs best; Eagles Gate must approve all vendors at least 60 days prior to event.  The preferred vendors have partnered with Eagles Gate to provide specialized pricing as well as the comfort in knowing professionalism and the best experience is the goal.

Why Locate Your Wedding Outdoors

  With the breathtaking views and natural surroundings, it should come as no surprise that outdoor wedding venues are trending in Georgia. What’s more, 25 percent of couples now choose to adventure away from home in order to host a destination wedding.

For couples the gorgeous and varied landscapes of Eagles Gate Farm make it particularly easy to have a spectacular outdoor wedding ceremony. Whether you choose to wed near a lush forest, a 2 acre lake, a rooftop deck, or the beautiful columns of our 1907 home, you will love the elegance nature lends to the occasion. Since nature will do much of the heavy lifting, you can save time and money decorating the event space. More importantly, you will have plenty of space for all of your guests—allowing you to go big or small.

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

  Having an outdoor ceremony requires a certain amount of planning to keep everyone comfortable and happy. To help you get started, here are our tips for creating a perfect outdoor ceremony:

  • Weather.     No matter the season, it’s important to account for weather conditions during your outdoor ceremony. Prioritize shade in the summer months and ensure that your venue provides a Lodge or another warm escape during the colder months of the year. Having access to an indoor event space will also give you a convenient back-up plan in case of inclement weather.
  • Sound.     The great outdoors often comes with plenty of background noises. Renting a quality sound system will be well worth the expense if it allows everyone to clearly hear you say your vows.
  • Dress.     Plan on wind by selecting dresses made from heavier fabrics that won’t blow around, and talk to your hairstylist about styles that will survive the breeze without looking messy.
  • Guests.     Do what you can to keep your guests comfortable—no matter the weather. Make it clear that you will be holding an outdoor ceremony on your invitations so guests can dress accordingly. For a summer wedding, make water readily available and consider providing paper fans or paper      umbrella for shade alongside your wedding program.
  • Refreshments.     Keep guests happy by giving them the opportunity to partake in  pre-ceremony refreshments. Talk to your caterer about the best outdoor food selections. Your bartender should also offer guests more than just alcohol. Provide a variety of drinks, including water and tea, so that guests don’t feel dehydrated under the California sun.
  • Decorations.     While nature will provide much of the decor, a decorated arch or trellis provides necessary structure in an outdoor space. In addition to rows of chairs, use decorations to create an eye-catching and functional aisle. Use lights, flower petals, or lanterns to frame the walkway.
  • Location.     You want your ceremony space to lend beauty and elegance to your nuptials. Tour the venue and scout out a picture-perfect location on the grounds for you to set up your ceremony. You may even want to coordinate with your photographer in choosing a spot that will give you the best photos.

  Planning a wedding can be an intimidating process, but proper preparation truly makes all the difference once your wedding day arrives. One of the best things about outdoor event spaces is that they are truly customizable. With the right decor and planning, you can transform the space to capture the unique vision you have for your wedding.

   We only book one event each weekend at Eagles Gate Farm. Couples enjoy individualized attention and privacy when they choose to exchange vows on our grounds. In the event that the weather foils your outdoor wedding plans, we can move your ceremony into our charming loft Barn with a covered porch view of the pasture with grazing horses.

What to Know About Outdoor Wedding Photography


Saying “I do” is a moment worth remembering, and wedding photography is key to visually documenting such precious moments. When you want to look back at truly stunning images, the great outdoors is a picture-perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of outdoor wedding photography:

  • Hire a professional.     Your wedding photos should not be left to chance. A professional photographer has the know-how to produce beautifully rendered images. Hire someone with plenty of experience shooting outdoors.
  • Make a timeline.     Timing is everything when it comes to making use of natural light. Work with your photographer to schedule your wedding, reception, and photo session at times when the lighting is best.
  • Scout the location.     Give your photographer time to scout the location before the wedding. Afterward, they will be able to suggest ceremony sites and even tell you what direction you should face as you say “I do.”
  • Opt for wide-angle lenses. You chose to marry outside because you wanted to take advantage of the spectacular scenery. Wide-angle lenses ensure shots that fully capture the landscape around you. Work with your photographer to identify locations around your venue that will make for the best photos.

When all is said and done, you should walk away from your wedding with joy in your heart and beautiful memories to look back on. Couples that choose to exchange their vows at Eagles Gate Farm are able to take advantage of the woodsy backdrop of the forest, the amazing home as a backdrop, and the stunning horses lazing in the pasture. Visit our grounds yourself and start planning picture-perfect moments today.

 If you are touring outdoor wedding venues in any location, consider Eagles Gate Farm as your destination for your special day. Contact us today!